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Baby massage step by step | कैसे करे छोटे बच्चो की मालिश- Dr. Surabhi Gupta

Dr. Surabhi Gupta (Paediatrician) – on our You Tube channel you will find all informations about child care in details.

Today’s Topic- Baby massage step by step |कैसे करे छोटे बच्चो की मालिश- Dr. Surabhi Gupta

My video on Massaging new born baby- Dr. Surabhi Gupta (कैसे करे छोटे बच्चो की मसाज)-

In this video you will get step by step information about how to massage newborn or baby.Baby massage with oil is very necessary for baby’s growth and physical development as it help in strengthening baby bones.It is also way to create bonding with baby as baby loves when you there for them.Stretching exercise contribute the same as baby come to know that they can stretch their body because in womb they were not able to do.

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