Month : November 2019

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Gardening: Growing Your Own Food

It’s a well-known fact that when people go to the supermarket they like to gravitate toward organic food. Organic food is healthy and not processed which means its more natural. Yet eating organic can be expensive if you shop only at the supermarket especially in this economy. How can a person eat healthy on a budget? One answer is growing your own food or rather gardening. Growing your own food is cost-effective and pretty much free. Growing your own food is not as hard as it sounds. All you need to provide is the seeds, soil, and tender care. Mother nature provides everything else such as ways to control pests without pesticide and seeds to grow the next harvest. You...

Trader Joe’s Favorites

Trader Joe’s favorites: a mix of pantry staples, salad toppers, and kid snacks. Here’s the loot from a recent trip to stock up. The Monthly Stock Up Trip For Trader Joe’s Favorites We use Trader Joes as a pantry and freezer store. We make a weekly trip to Whole Foods for fresh produce, coffee, and all the other staples (milk, meat, etc). About once every other month I head over to Trader Joe’s to stock up on the things one can only buy there. That’s what TJs does best – unique store label foods. (And cheese!) Here is what I got! Salad Toppers Della at Plenty told me that these Parmesan Crisps make great croutons. What a great hack!! They...
Food to Go organic

301 Moved Permanently

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Soft Cinnamon Apples

These soft cinnamon apples have just two ingredients and are ready in 30 minutes in a rice cooker. They turn a plethora of crispy fall apples into bite-size pieces that taste like apple pie filling! I am always on the hunt for: 1) Apple recipes in the fall when I have a plethora of them in my fridge 2) Recipes that baby Birch can eat that don’t require teeth You can’t exactly gum into a fresh, crunchy apple. But these soft cinnamon apples melt in your mouth! The Trick Is Using A Rice Cooker If you don’t have a rice cooker you can make these in the oven or even a crockpot. But the rice cooker is the perfect blend...

Citrus Curry Farro Salad

This citrus curry farro salad is a great lunch staple to make on prep day. Orange zest, currants, and roasted pistachios combine with hearty farro, curry-spiced sweet potatoes and fresh herbs for a mix of flavors you won’t be able to forget! Citrus Curry Farro Salad You have seen me eat this citrus curry farro salad with sweet potatoes many times! It’s my favorite dish on the Plenty menus. I insisted Della share the recipe with you all! She is a “little of this, little of that” naturally intuitive chef who doesn’t write things down. So I followed her around my kitchen one morning, taking notes and writing the recipe in detail for you guys. There are a few steps...

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

This Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board how to has everything you need to create a professional looking cheese board in your home for just $60! All of the ingredients come from Trader Joe’s and the step-by-step instructions will show you exactly how to put them together to create a beautiful board for your Thanksgiving or holiday table.  Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board You guys! I am SO EXCITED to share this post with you!! Della of Plenty Cville and I came together to document her process of creating the perfect cheese board. Thanksgiving is days away, and I promise you can copy this board step by step and confidently serve it for your big day. (And all the holidays and parties beyond!) Looking at...

Our Weekend: I’m All Ears

You might have seen on Instagram that sweet Birchie was not himself last week. After a few calls to the doctor I finally got an appointment because I knew something was wrong. My instinct was right: he had his first ear infection! Poor buddy felt awful and wasn’t sleeping well. By mid-day Saturday he was back to his smiles and eating well again. And sleeping as well as you can when you get your feet in a tangle!! Friday Dinner Sweet potato, sausage and apple hash with a fried egg on top! The base was from Plenty! Saturday workout + smoothie Both mornings Birch woke up around 5:00 but was able to go right back to sleep after a dose...

Instant Pot Vegan Cream of Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

The most comforting soup in all the land! This super easy and healthy Instant Pot Vegan Cream of Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup is the ultimate cold-weather meal. Stovetop option as well. So 2019 was the year of falling in love with the Instant Pot. I blame Jeff. He fell head over heels for it, making his lunches in this magical machine daily. Naturally I had to see what all the fuss was about. And alas, I get it! It’s a miracle worker. It gives an entirely new meaning to “set it and forget it.” I was so afraid to learn how to use it but the reality is that it couldn’t be simpler to use. I’m still obsessed with...

Dust Mites And Your Child's Eczema

Many children today are afflicted with eczema, even infants. It is truly heartbreaking to watch their tiny bodies mottled with red welts and sores and hearing their cries of discomfort and even pain. More often than not, eczema among children is triggered by an allergic reaction. Among the most common culprits are dust mites, the tiny critters that love to nest in beds and feed of human dander or dead skin cells. If your child's bedroom and your house are infested with these parasites, finding a lasting eczema treatment can turn out to be futile since your child is constantly exposed to these irritants. With this in mind, you should consider dust mite management an integral part of your eczema...